Wednesday, April 7, 2010

California and China - Rail

Again, I can write no better than this NY Times article:

China Again Hopes to Drive U.S. Rail Construction -

But wish to note:

-China is offering to help build and help finance California's High Speed Rail
-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger of California has closely followed progress in the discussions with China and expects to visit China later this year
-China is opening 1200 miles of high speed rail (this year!)
-China to spend $300 B next 3 years on rail; US to spend $5 B (next 5 years)
-Beijing to Shanghai will take about 4 hours (2011-2012); the same distance in the US (NY to Chicago) takes 18 hours.
-GE is a partner with China Ministry of Railroads.  

Friday, April 2, 2010

California and China - 3

In the first funding announcement under the new China-US Clean Energy Research Center (CERC), China is providing $75 MM in grants and the US DOE is providing $37.5 MM in funding  (matched dollar-for-dollar, to total $75MM).

Besides demonstrating scientific merit and pushing clean energy research forward, this program encourages Chinese and US researchers to work cooperatively, leveraging resources of both countries.  This is significant and is just beginning.

The 3 main areas of research encouraged by CERC:

-green buidings
-carbon capture & sequestration (coal is not going away)

I can not explain  it better than this NY times article.

However, I wish to add 2 points:

-California already has 1 or more than intergovernmental agreements with China to encourage similar energy research and cooperation with China.   I hope this State will leverage this federal program with its own efforts, at ARB or CEC.

-Last week, the Pew organization released a well-reported warning, yet another data point,  that US investment in clean energy is falling behind the world, especially China.

Boost for U.S.-China Clean Energy Research -

DOE-Press Release


Pew Study on Renewable Investments: