Saturday, August 13, 2011

Toward Community Solar?

California may be moving toward simplifying community ownership and benefits from a PV solar power.   Netmetering works great if PV is on your own roof and you sell the excess power to the grid.   The next step, virtual netmetering, allows the financial benefits of power sales to be shared by several, such as by reducing tenants's utility bills; i.e. netmetering across several meters.   

But what about sharing the benefits from sales of PV on the ground?   Or sales of power from PV on someone else's roof - a church or community center (because your own roof is under a tree or otherwise unusable)?

California Senate bill (CA SB 843 , here, good article  )
if enacted,  would open up a new range of options to finance and benefit from PV solar in a neighborhood or community - even if the PV is not on your property.

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